TNL Diamond Academy Web

TNL Diamond Academy Web

Submitted on: 01 Sep 11

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TNL Diamond Academy of Clovis, California, opened their doors and their web site the first of September. This brand new family-owned business is a sports training facility for baseball and softball student athletes to hone their pitching, batting, and fielding skills with daily practice sessions and private lessons.

As students approach collegiate-level sports placement, and as recruiters look for the exact positions they’re going to need for their line-up in coming years – TNL is situated as the place they both turn to.

Members can use the online booking and scheduling page, driven by, to make appointments for the coming week. There’s a place for the growing membership to be featured in the athlete gallery so that recruiters can identify the athletes that meet their needs. TNL has an additional service that will even provide sports highlight reel videos right on each athlete’s gallery entry.

TNL’s web site helps to position themselves smack dab in the nexus of this critical time for student athletes with social media connectivity and old-fashioned skill honing so that they can truly help their members take their game to The Next Level.

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