JSJ Business Cards

JSJ Business Cards

Submitted on: 15 Aug 11

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Sandy, of JSJ Images, needed some smashing business cards for an upcoming mixer. Something that would allow her to stand out, and represent the artistic photographs which she is known for.

This vertical orientation on glossy black, against the rich gold and grey satin tones of her logo gave her all the presence she hoped for. Her tag line, “Capturing the art of your life” was placed prominently at the top to catch the eye. A nice heavy weight stock finished out the wow factor to give her card that extra appeal as she passed it out.

The back of the card is an edge-to-edge print of the logo in the repeating pattern I made for her just after the original logo was finished, although this was also turned for the vertical orientation and her web site address added to it.

Local printer, Alphagraphics, was able to get them done for her in a matter of days in plenty of time for the event.

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