A New Business Card for Valley Lockworks

A New Business Card for Valley Lockworks

Submitted on: 02 Jan 11

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Bob Howerton, owner of Valley Lockworks, came to me; he needed more business cards. He wondered if something a little more modern looking would be good.

“Yes, I think so, too,” was my understated reply. He had a state of the art 1990-something 1-color, quick clip-art card which he’d been using for many years.

Generally, when someone needs a locksmith, they need them right now. They’re probably not near their desk, their computer, or their home – and might not even be able to get to any of those things … until the locksmith arrived. So I knew this business card needed to be a keeper for everyone he gave it to.

Here’s the final version he decided on. I’ve got one in my wallet! I hope you never lock yourself out of your car or your home, but if you do – he’s your go-to guy!

He had them printed at VistaPrint and they turned out perfect in print. They did an excellent job at the solid black background; that’s a weak spot for a lesser-quality press.

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