Pastor’s Forum Main Stage Screens

Pastor’s Forum Main Stage Screens

Submitted on: 13 Apr 09

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The Pastoral Excellence Forum was held at SouthPoint Church, which has three screens that span the entire front of the building. The center one is double wide, but not double tall, so you get this opportunity for a beautiful, wide, panoramic image.

Unfortunately, though, every one of those has to be adapted or built by hand, because of it’s unusual proportions.

I chose the theme image to use for this Pastoral Forum with Pastor Jack Hayford from Midnight Oil’s awesome coordinated graphics set called Tree Roots. Because they provide images and video with and without the pre-titled words, I was able to use the wordless versions and provide our own title over it.

The flourishing of a tree through all the seasons of an annual cycle seemed to be a good metaphor for the theme of the one-day conference, “Sustaining Pastoral Excellence”.

Tree Roots Image set by Midnight Oil Productions

The original image, to the right, wasn’t anywhere near wide enough to go on the center screen. An hour later, I’d manufactured another 1024×768 of pixels to make a complete image the correct size, as pictured below. Hopefully the only people who would know how much I doctored it up to get it on the extra wide screen are the artists at Midnight Oil where I purchased the original set.


The side screens, which changed at various times to hold content, used the same colors, and were a tad darker for contrast with the texts. A painted backdrop provided interest with texture and color. Here are two examples of the same background used for two of the sponsor’s screens:


All of these screens were the last creations for this event – now that it is over, I’ll be filing everything away for the next one.

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