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Submitted on: 21 Mar 09

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I designed the SNL Scrappers web site with several goals in mind. They needed a place where participating members could upload their contributions each month, and where only the members who contributed would download them.

But they also wanted to be a repository for tutorials and other information. So they needed a web site that could take their private uploads, manage their downloading needs without human intervention, and still function as a place for digital scrapbooking tutorials that anyone could get to.

The web site is re-dressed every month by one of the SNL Members. They are keeping an image archive of what the front pages have looked like for each month so people can enjoy how lovely it looks!

I maintain and help with the skinning the site anew each month. All back-end modifications and additions, as well as the help files, are all things I developed for them.

SNL Scrappers is a free group where everyone who wishes to participate each month designs and contributes a set of digital scrapbooking backgrounds and elements all made from the same color palette. At the end of each month, you have a huge amount of things, done in a variety of styles, which all coordinate. Each member who contributes that month gets to download everything from everyone from that month, all for free.

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  1. MarsOlson

    The SNL group has been extremely pleased with the attractive design and high standard of professionalism running our site. Thank you.

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