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Submitted on: 01 Dec 08

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I’ve just placed a number of individual images and sets of coordinated images for Christmas in the store at There’s a number of different styles to fit in with the various kinds of worship services which are held.

The ones which come in a set have coordinating backgrounds for nearly any portion of a church service that you could think of. See how there is a title screen, and then screens with various amounts of decoration on it so that one could be used for introduction, another to project lyrics on, and others for the Pastor’s message. You can just pick from which ever you need.

There are versions with and without a title, for ultimate customization to your needs.

The other unique part of my sets is that they are available in two sizes. SD, Standard definition for churches who use projection screens in ‘standard’ sizes – 1024 x 768, and there are also a set designed for 1920 x 1080, HiDef, or wide screen projectors.

As any of us knows who have watched a regular TV screen of a HiDef show … the two formats are not something you can just scale up or down. You lose something when you try!

The small sample picture above shows you the two sizes and some of the various choices of images to choose from in a set. As such, these are some of the best bargains you’ll find for christian media. And you won’t have to spend a single moment covering up or editing out a title! I’ve been there and done that!

I’m taking requests if you have something you’re looking for specifically. Leave a comment below.

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